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Greetings from the Netherlands!

Great story!


In 2006 Dar and I became a part of a church plant effort in Hilversum, Netherlands.  From the very beginning there was great excitement and anticipation of what God was going to do in this city.  One of the great stories I can tell is about Madhu from India.


In 2009 Madhu and his family showed up at our church.  When we asked him about why he came to church his answer was stunning.  He told us that he was a Hindu, his family is Hindu but they wanted to expose their children to a moral way of life.  So they decided to come to our church. 


After several months Madhu got involved in an Alpha course.  By the end of the course he made a decision to become a Christian and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.


During our next baptismal service Madhu was baptized was baptized in water and made a public confession of his faith in Jesus as Lord.  Just before his baptism I said, "Madhu, this is a great step you are taking today."  His response was unexpected.  He said, " No, the greatest step that I have ever taken was when I asked Jesus into my heart and I became a Christian."   He understood that baptism was a sign of a great work that was done in his heart and life.


God is doing great things in Hilversum at our four year old church where we now have almost 300 people who attend each Sunday.


I have the privilege of serving as the Senior Associate Pastor in a supporting role with one of my former students who is the Lead Pastor at Thousand Hills International Church.


We are grateful for your faithful prayers and support!  You are a blessing to us!


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Europe is a mission field

Countries: 52

Population: about 750 million

Evangelical Christians: 2.4%

24 nations - less than 1% Evangelical Christians

11 nations - less than .2% Evangelical Christians

The Netherlands: 4.5% Evangelical Christians



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